A revolution in gold: the Wellendorff EMBRACE ME
A bracelet made of gold that nestles around your wrist in a silky-smooth manner. Wellendorff makes it possible.

Find out how Wellendorff suspended the laws of physics. And discover the first bracelet that embraces you – again and again.

Craftsmanship meets innovation

A hug makes you feel safe, protected and deeply loved. This feeling is captured by the Wellendorff EMBRACE ME bracelet collection in 18-karat gold. It was no easy undertaking to fabricate a gold bracelet in such a way that it always gently returns to its original shape and remains stable in form after being put on and taken off – even without a clasp. Science had declared this feat impossible, yet the jewellery specialists at Wellendorff achieved what can only be described as a technological miracle with a world first in the form of the EMBRACE ME collection. Inside the spiral shape, each of the bracelets houses a springy soul made of pure yet supple gold, making the piece of jewellery flexible and highly resilient at the same time.

Unparalleled quality – out of love for the craft.

The Wellendorff EMBRACE ME bracelet creations are available in five different designs. Signed with the brilliant W, the exclusive trademark of the family business, EMBRACE ME represents the true values of Wellendorff: jewellery in the highest quality that will accompany you throughout your life and give you joy, handcrafted in Pforzheim.