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Connecting generations through watches
Sales in certified second-hand watches are booming, especially amongst a younger generation of buyers. Les Ambassadeurs is developing a range that captures this trend.

Quality mechanical watches are luxury goods that hardly depreciate in value with age and in some cases even increase in value. Watches from previous decades now exercise an even greater fascination than contemporary collections among a young generation of buyers who are interested in the history of well known brands. A characteristic feature of this trend are the “certified pre-owned” watches, also known as CPO. This describes the opportunity to acquire previously worn watches with a certificate of authenticity and a two-year service warranty.

“CPO” describes a previously worn watch with a certificate of authenticity and a two-year service warranty.

The constantly growing CPO range from Les Ambassadeurs offers customers the security of purchasing a watch that not only has a history, but is also one hundred per cent authentic. The option of purchasing second-hand watches has existed for some time, but the demand has never been as great as it is today. After record-breaking sales of historic watches at auctions, such as the Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman, which achieved an unprecedented price of $17.8 million in 2017, the interest in watches with a history has surged once more.

Specialists like Jon Cox, analyst for the finance company Kepler Cheuvreux in Zurich, estimate the current value of the used watch market at around $16 billion per year. Enthusiasts are especially on the look-out for classics. But Gisbert L. Brunner, a well-known watch journalist and author of various specialist books on the topic, warns: “Some manufacturers subject used watches to a general overhaul and replace components like the dial and hands during the service. The watch then looks brand new, but the historical value has been lost. Suppliers of CPO watches should give customers accurate information about the work they have carried out.”

But not everyone fancies a watch because they regard it as an investment. For many watch enthusiasts an attractive price is more important than a factory-fresh product. They too are certain to find what they are looking for in the constantly growing CPO range from Les Ambassadeurs.

But the Les Ambassadeurs range will also appeal to those customers who cannot resist something new. Les Ambassadeurs offers them the opportunity to trade in a watch they no longer wear as often so they can purchase their new dream watch by selling their old one. Once the watch has been given a thorough inspection by the experts at Les Ambassadeurs and its value has been determined based on trading information that is updated daily, they make the customer an offer. If the customer decides to buy a new watch from Les Ambassadeurs, this of course means that they are in a slightly better position than if they had paid the amount directly.

And what does the dealer get in return? “This results in a further benefit for the dealer,” says Gisbert L. Brunner. “By purchasing previously worn watches the dealer can add brands to his range he otherwise wouldn’t have. Overall, Certified Pre-Owned is a win-win for everyone involved.”

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