Buben & Zorweg Bugatti Grande Illusion Chiron 300
Grande Illusion Chiron 300+
When two legends meet, at the crossroads of exclusivity, hyper-luxury, and uncompromising performance, the result is necessarily exceptional.

Multifunctional safe with a single lifting mechanism

Opening mechanism using a digital fingerprint or a transponder key

Radio frequency shielded car key drawer, optional

Grande Illusion Chiron 300+

    Top Piece Configuration Options:

    • Bugatti Performance Design
    • Bugatti Cockpit-Design and Buben & Zörweg clock
    • Bugatti Cockpit-Design and Buben & Zörweg clock with flying tourbillon 1 minute

    Version: Racing Carbon

    When two legends meet, at the crossroads of exclusivity, hyper-luxury, and uncompromising performance, the result is necessarily exceptional.


    When the worlds of Buben & Zörweg and Bugatti came into contact, there were sparks of creativity and mechanical engineering. A sense of challenge and technical perfection led to the co-creation of a single machine that combines the best of both worlds. Perfectly crafted from every angle, the finely crafted details of this joint creation, the Grande Illusion 300, mirrors the iconic benchmark of two stylistic brands. The language of Bugatti’s legendary design (Horse-Shoe, Signature and Center Line) is recreated in the masterpieces of the Buben & Zörweg design team, thanks to proven German expertise. Hand-sewn elements, metallic ornaments on hand-polished surfaces: these are just a few examples of the artisanal perfection of this limited edition Buben & Zörweg for Bugatti.

    The two brands, the highest standards of finishing and safety, launched a creative journey together off the beaten track. At Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, Bugatti’s chairman Stephan Winkelmann and Buben & Zörweg’s CEO, Florian vom Bruch, exhibited this multifunctional design including a safety vault function and a watch winder. Developed as part of an intensive partnership between the two companies, the Grande Illusion 300 combines maximum technical ingenuity, incomparable design quality and perfect artisanal precision.

    Combining black and orange with new generation materials, the joint design team has paid tribute to the power of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+. In a limited edition of only 30 pieces, such as the super-sporty one itself, it is intended for discerning collectors in search of absolute performance and exclusivity.

    The Grande Illusion Chiron 300 is therefore a unique creation that evokes a sculpture, crowned by the incomprehensible Flying Minute tourbillon clock designed by Buben & Zörweg. The 215 kg multifunction safety vault is astonishing in that once unlocked, exclusively by a biometric fingerprint sensor or a transponder chip, the safe and its contents glide elegantly upwards. The Grande Illusion Chiron 300 then raises valuable objects stored inside, such as a watch, necklace or keys to a super-sports car, from a column. A special drawer that protects radio waves has been developed to guarantee particularly elegant and secure storage of keys.