Iconic Design
Design has many facets – whether in the world of interior design or jewellery. There is very little that has not yet been created in either area, and yet some pieces have managed to capture us so much that they remain icons to this day. We pair iconic design pieces with beautiful jewellery.

Nature as a source of inspiration

The Moooi Heracleum is certainly no ordinary lighting sculpture, it is a beautiful design object that has no equal. Inspired by the eponymous plant and its foliage, the white LED elements branch out in all directions: a spectacle that is reminiscent of the total unpredictability of nature – just like the elegant Nature arm ring by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, whose special aesthetic is reminiscent of the branch of a young tree. The ends of this favourite piece both feature a mystical moonstone. The arm ring is made of 18-carat yellow gold and hugs the wearer’s wrist loosely, seemingly organically – just as the light fitting presents. Both pieces prove that nature is the greatest of all sources of inspiration.

Ole Lynggaard

Nature Bracelet
Ref. A3029-410

CHF 4,070.-

Danish design prowess

With his Wishbone Chair, designer Hans J. Wegner created a cult object decades ago that not only delights design fans with its natural, simple form reminiscent of driftwood, but provides a comfortable place to sit. The chair is said to be modelled on ancient Chinese imperial thrones from the Ming dynasty. We combine it with the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Lotus ring in satin gold – inspired by the divine flower and crowned with a cobachon of rutile quartz. The stone is cradled by a ring of 25 sparkling diamonds. With their work, both ateliers stand for Denmark’s highly sought-after craftsmanship. Their work represents a combination of typical Nordic serenity and the beauty of Scandinavian design, an approach that is closely intertwined with the country’s flora and its peculiarities through material and aesthetics.

Ole Lynggaard

Lotus Ring
Ref. A2653-407

CHF 13,120.-

Soft shades

This vase represents the very definition of cult: Iittala’s asymmetrical, soft waves, created by design legend Alvar Aalto exhibited for the 1937 Paris World’s Fair, is an icon among Nordic design pieces. It was created at the Iittala glass factory in Finland from 100 percent recycled glass. The red, cranberry hue is the perfect counterpart to Pasquale Bruni‘s Figlia die Fiori earrings in 18 carat rose gold with moonstone, pink chalcedony, carnelian, red garnet and white and champagne- coloured diamonds. With them, Creative Director Eugenia Bruni created a true homage to freedom and the love of nature. Femininity is the focus and it can also be seen in the soft shapes of the Aalto vase. Both pieces are playful yet elegant in their own unique way. They represent the wide range of sophisticated handicrafts – whether glassblowing or the detailed processing of high-quality materials in the jewellery industry.

Pasquale Bruni earrings

Pasquale Bruni

Figlia dei Fiori Earrings
Ref. 16124R

CHF 2,860.-

Sweeping design

The famous Pipistrello lamp was designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965. The wavelike shape of the lampshade is reminiscent of a bat from which it derives its Italian name “Pipistrello”. The table lamp is a true cult object. Manufactured in Martinelli Luce’s factory in Italy, it is celebrated all over the world for its originality and beautiful shape. You can now get a number of variations, but they always remain true to the original. To match this contemporary witness of good design, we combine it with the Bon Ton ring by Pasquale Bruni. It, too, is a cult object that allows parallels to be drawn with the Pipistrello lamp thanks to its curved petals. The ring is made of 18-carat rose gold and enchants with a London Blue Topaz and diamonds. The enchanting piece embodies the heart of Mother Nature. The floral collection is an icon of the brand, its simple yet meaningful symbol standing for an elegant and free lifestyle characterised by grace and individuality. Both design pieces are recognisable at a mere glance – they stand naturally and without question for the brand from which they originated.

Pasquale Bruni earrings

Pasquale Bruni

Bon Ton
Ref. 15241R

CHF 5,280.-

Striking aesthetics and comfort

Created in 1928 by Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, the Swiss-French designers behind Le Corbusier, the LC2 remains one of the most famous armchairs in the world to this day. The iconic shape of this seating furniture has already been on view in countless films. It embodies an educated, culturally interested, and successful society, a world in which sober design seems to reliably integrate perfectly. The combination of cool tubular steel in chrome and warm leather, the intricate workmanship, and the focus on design and comfort demonstrates how meticulous development and an eye for detail meets striking aesthetics and functionality. Just as iconic as LC2 is the Sabbia collection. It embodies the unmistakable identity of the Pomellato brand. The Sabbia ring – an interplay of 18-carat rose gold and 111 white, brown, and black treated diamonds – is made with all the art and know-how of the master goldsmiths at Milan’s cult label. It represents tradition, novelty, the brand’s DNA, and yet the cutting edge of jewellery art: the extraordinary dynamics of the Sabbia ring are captivating. Thanks to a movable joint, the characteristic diamond discs rock gently with every hand movement.

Pomellato Sabbia ring


Sabbia Ring
Ref. PAC0010_07BWR_DBX00

CHF 8,800.-

Soothing curves

Between 1929 and 1933, Alvar Aalto built a sanatorium in Paimio, Finland, for tuberculosis patients who had been prescribed fresh air in a health resort – a common practice back then. It was during this time that Finland’s cult designer created a number of items of furniture for the resort – including the Paimio Chair that has now become known as a Club Chair 41 by Artek. It was designed to make it easier to linger and breathe deeply thanks to its curved headrest and generous seat. It is not history that connects this iconic armchair with the Iconica bracelet by Pomellato, though, but rather its design. The shapely curves of the armchair are reminiscent of the differently sized chain links found in the rose gold piece of jewellery, with which the Milanese jewellery brand has succeeded in paying homage to the Italian art of goldsmithing. The bracelet can be used and styled individually. It was created to celebrate Pomellato’s anniversary and, as is common with the brand, can be combined with other pieces.

Pomellato Sabbia ring


Iconica Armband
Ref. PBB7127_O7000_00000_M

CHF 8,850.-

Golden rays of light

Die extravagante Wandleuchte 24 Karat Blau Flat von Ingo Maurer besteht aus Blenden aus Acrylglas und Blattgold, die vor der Lichtquelle flach an der Wand angeordnet sind. Ausgefallene Leuchtobjekte sind die Spezialität des Hauses. Sie verbinden einen hohen Anspruch an Technik und Ästhetik und sind dabei durch die aufwendige Entwicklung und Verarbeitung nicht nur Wohnobjekt, sondern auch Kunst. Das Blattgold wurde in Handarbeit in das Acrylglas eingegossen. Durch das hauchdünn geschlagene Blattgold gelangt kurzwelliges blaues Licht zwischen den Molekülen hindurch, während das gelb-goldene Licht reflektiert wird. Mit Gold glänzt auch das Armband Silky Trio von Wellendorff, das mit seinen drei filigranen Goldsträngen, die zur typischen Wellendorff Kordel gedreht sind, einen edlen Look zaubert. Das 18-karätige Gelbgold wird mit drei Diamanten im Brillantschliff kombiniert und fasziniert dank Materialwahl, Verarbeitung und hochstehender Goldschmiedetechnik ebenso sehr wie das Designobjekt von Ingo Maurer.

Golden Wellendorff bracelet for women


Silky Trio Armband
Ref. 304756-GG

Brilliant details

Everyone knows this armchair: the Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe is one of those few cult objects that even those who have very little knowledge of interior design can name – it could hardly be any more iconic. Meanwhile, the chair that is now available in different colours and shapes, feels just as at home in offices as it does in dignified living rooms of this world and stands for a sense of style and exclusivity. The original design dates back to 1929. Today, the chair is more popular than ever – particularly with a public that appreciates sober beauty and simple restraint paired with a fine image. To match the steel and leather icon, we take the S 752 ring in 752 white gold and Wellendorff cold enamel with a sparkling brilliant-cut diamond (0.017 carat). Yet the real highlight only becomes apparent in the detail: the mobility of the ring – a Wellendorff trademark. This hidden, or rather not obvious, brilliance makes this ring the perfect partner for the iconic Barcelona Chair.

Pomellato Sabbia ring


Ring S752
Ref. 607115-WG