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Akoya Princess


The “Akoya Princess” necklace evokes legendary pearls from Akoya oysters, which are famous for their beauty and very soft white, cream, pink or champagne colours, in particularly feminine and soft shades.

CHF 11,600.-

The Akoya pearls refer to the very first pearls that Kokichi Mikimoto obtained, the inventor of cultured pearls. Still today, they provide the benchmark, and they are princesses in the very refined world of these splendid mother-of-pearl gems.

On this “Akoya Princess” necklace, soft spheres with perfect iridescence align with remarkable regularity. Their beautiful iridisation dances on the skin, highlighting their infinitely poetic charm. Their size, from 8 to 8.5 mm makes them the most beautiful Akoya variety.

The evocative names of Mikimoto’s collections convey both spirit and imagination through styles and eras. Gipsy, Jardin d’Eté, Swing, Rock’n’roll, Garden Party… each in turn, evokes the fabulous 1920s, whose long beaded necklaces adorned necklines and napes, the gypsy years characterised by large and fine hoop earrings that revolutionised the jewel, or even garden parties where women wore their most opulent beads. “Akoya Princess,” whispers the most beautiful story. The necklace is made of Mikimoto flower pearls, by the legendary jeweller.