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Bracelet EMBRACE ME. Fine Brilliance of the Sun


A bracelet that is neither opened nor closed. As tender as an embrace, it almost magically sits on your wrist - and comes with a gold finish.

The Wellendorff jewellery house has succeeded in what previously seemed impossible. It took the company seventeen years to develop flexible gold. This ‘springy gold’ is indeed a sensation, both in terms of technique and craft. Twice as flexible as regular gold, it always finds its way back to its original shape after being put on and taken off. In order to enable 18-carat gold to be flexible, the inner workings of the gold cord have been completely reconceived for it to remain flexible, but maintaining its high resilience. 

The EMBRACE ME bracelets will be produced in five different designs in 2021. The “EMBRACE ME. Sunshine” bracelet is a groundbreaking innovation in goldsmithing. Its iconic gold cord design and sparkling accents are re-enacted with every movement.