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Bracelet EMBRACE ME. Solitaire


Designed and hand-made in the company's own Pforzheim factory, as Wellendorff, with its long tradition, Wellendorff is one of the main representatives of first-class German jewellery culture.

An approach which is found also in the innovative design and exclusive manufacturing of the “EMBRACE ME. Solitaire” bracelet, which consists of two Wellendorff gold cords from ‘Generation Sonnenglanz’, crowned by two flawless, quarter-carat diamonds. These are held within a light, modern solitaire frame providing the gemstones with the spotlight they deserve, and the chance to shine just as much as the wearer. As with the high-quality materials used, the meaning of this piece of jewellery is precious: The bracelet symbolises an intimate embrace and the feeling of security that comes with it. It gently wraps around the wrist with a gentle touch, ready to accompany the wearer for a lifetime: indeed, with its brilliant W, Wellendorff stands for longevity.