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EMBRACE ME. Solitaire Bracelet


The experts at Wellendorff spent 17 years tinkering with this technical finesse: a bracelet that always returns smoothly to its original shape after being put on and taken off.

While easy to describe in just a few words, it is highly complex to execute and an absolute masterstroke in the jewellery industry. But the team at the traditional manufactory succeeded in doing what most people thought impossible for a long time: the creation of a bracelet that hugs the wrist as if by itself, without a mechanism to open or close and that always returns to its original shape despite being somewhat flexible.

The result is also impressive in terms of design: two gold ropes of the Brilliance of the Sun generation, characterised by maximum resilience – crowned with two flawless brilliant-cut diamonds. Held on just two sides by a modern solitaire setting, the eye is free to enjoy the gemstones, brought to life by light from above and the side. Together with the delicate highlights of the Brilliance of the Sun ropes, this creates a firework of light reflections with every movement of the hand. Crafted in 18-carat gold, the new bracelet is particularly comfortable to wear.