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Gold craftsmanship has always forged Pomellato’s strong identity. Pomellato likes to remind us that, before being a renowned Italian jeweller, it was a goldsmith, a symbol of traditional Milanese culture. The Iconica collection is inspired by this Italian elegance.

CHF 14,000.-

The hoop earrings feature the collection’s signature style, simplicity, loose proportions and slightly domed shape. These small discreet every day earrings are vested with Pomellato jewellery’s original, feminine, generous and soft, luminous touches.

Launched in 2017 to celebrate Pomellato’s 50th anniversary, Iconica is a symbol of the designer’s heritage.

The collection is in line with modern jewellery trends. Iconica is cherished by women of character who like to wear jewellery that is discreet yet visible and elegant, whose diamonds are on familiar terms with the light, not hiding but not outlandish either. Iconica’s sensual and sweet line is also available in rings, all made of gold or studded with diamonds or coloured stones. The gems coil in tiny engravings on the ring in the shape of squares, diamonds, stars… the lovely work of goldsmiths, so Pomellato! Hoop earrings from the Iconica joyfully complement this ornament.