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Meine Zeit Varieté


Today, the Wellendorff family’s fourth generation runs the Jewellery House that was founded in 1893. This beautiful family history is coupled with exceptional authenticity and know-how that has passed from father to son over the years.

CHF 11,300.-

In this more than one-hundred-year-old House, one relishes pondering that life is a precious asset that we must enjoy. The Meine Zeit Variété collection reminds us that every day we must offer something and take the time to do what we really love. More than just jewellery, Meine Zeit Variété is a philosophy.

The necklace is made of a gold cord with the look of a very supple braid. It can be worn as a single or double loop as desired, closer to the neck or as a long and loose necklace. A small discrete red enamel heart symbolises feelings, love, friendship, and loyalty.

This heart may also evoke time spent with one’s family or simply the time for oneself, alone. A talismanic jewel par excellence, the Meine Zeit Variété necklace is soft as a silk ribbon on the skin and so light that its weight disappears the moment a woman puts it on. The Wellendorff W-motif in gold with a mounted diamond accompanies the small heart. The letter “W” is the charming and timeless signature that adorns every one of this jewellers creations.