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Morning Dew


Mikimoto imbues each of its pieces with a sense of aesthetic born in Japan and created with multiple cultural influences. On this necklace, called Morning Dew, Mikimoto has selected a sumptuous black pearl with a daring touch. This piece seems to reflect a stormy sky, of a morning in Japan.

CHF 3,830.-

The size of this 10 to 11 mm pearl makes it an exceptional jewel. It can be worn alone or with matching earrings to enhance this perfectly dimensioned sphere. The “Morning Dew” pendant is one of Mikimoto’s most beautiful and purest creations. A murky lustre on the skin, this is a decorative piece in and of itself, with its generous diameter and perfect body.

The black pearls come from mother-of-pearl that is found especially in Polynesian pearl lagoons. They come from a particular species of oyster called the pinctada margaritifera. As with all pearls, regardless of their colour, their distinctive satin radiation is caused by what is known as “iridescence”, caused by the penetration of light through multiple, thin layers of pearl that cause light interference phenomena such as “iridisation” and “lustre”, the surface reflection of light.