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Nudo Bracelet


Pomellato’s iconic Nudo range is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of new pieces of jewellery that, while perfectly taking their place in the heritage of this worldfamous collection, are still able to surprise with something new.

With a series of bangles in five different colours, the jewellery maker is breaking new ground, while also – as usual – making something to shine on your skin. One of the five sparkling bangle options causing a sensation is the combination of 18-carat rose gold with dramatic obsidian and black diamonds.

The asymmetry of the differently sized stones, combined with their unbeatable luminosity, is a joy to behold. The open bangle is worn loosely around the wearer’s wrist. This modern and exquisite piece of jewellery also combines perfectly with a variety of different styles. It is the perfect way to celebrate such a special anniversary.