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Nudo Gelé


With its Nudo Gelé range, Italian jewellery brand Pomellato has come up with something very special.

The new pieces with a frosty finish are an extension of the coveted Nudo collection, but offer an exciting matte finish, in addition to a new selection of intoxicating colours. The modern effect is created by applying a satin polish to the upper surface of the delicately faceted gemstones.

But that is far from all: Nudo Gelé has double or even triple layers of different gems, each layer seamlessly joined together to create colours beyond the palette created by nature itself. For example, the combination of turquoise and motherof- pearl lends the sky-blue topaz a shimmering and lively nuance.

For the perfect finish, this liaison is combined with 18-carat rose and white gold. The dazzling result is a new pastel look of an absolute Pomellato classic that enjoys great popularity worldwide.