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Petit Joli


Petit Joli is a love affair with nature. The sky, space, and earth are all inspiration for Petit Joli. The transparency of the air envelops the shadow of the undergrowth, the heralding of spring enhances the freshness of leaves, moss, the liveliness of greens, and the strength of young shoots.

CHF 2,090.-

The new creations in the Petit Joli collection by Pasquale Bruni are made up of deep green agate earrings. The stones ardently celebrate the season of revival with a vigorous touch of nature. The agates are wrapped at the centre and their faceted sides descend with a gentle slope. These highly sensual earrings have the softness of a polished pebble that you caress. A small diamond leaf discreetly lights the stone, as if it is covered with a bright pink coating.

The delicate pink gold, specific to Pasquale Bruni, highlights the graceful drawing of flowers and the depth of their energetic colour.

These jewels enrich a collection inspired by other elements of nature, such as the moon, with lapis lazuli and white agates that seem to reflect the Milky Way, the clear sky of dawn with pink chalcedonies or the deep and magical night evoked by dark onyx. Pasquale Bruni uses natural themes, which embodies the personality of this romantic brand.