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Earrings from the Prestige collection feature two superb Akoya pearls perfectly paired, at 7 mm.

CHF 4,120.-

They are delicately suspended from a diamond circle representing the yin and the yang, cherished by Japanese culture where each element, in a minimalist environment, is enhanced by the yin. These earrings have the purity and simplicity of a sparkling diamond circle whose mobility plays with the radiance of light.

Mikimoto, a creator of cultured pearls since 1893, is a legendary jeweller in Japan and in all countries around the world where sophistication is appreciated. Today, Mikimoto has become synonymous with exceptional pearls, with their perfect roundness and magnificent iridescence.

Our history began almost 130 years ago when, in 1893, a certain Kokichi Mikimoto created the first cultured pearls in the world. This major discovery would revolutionise the pearl farming world by establishing new benchmarks for beauty and perfection when compared to jewellery using so-called “natural” pearls. Indeed, with natural pearls it was previously difficult to obtain regularity in shape, diameter and colour. With this immense step that she took, MIKIMOTO then sought to make the most beautiful pearls in the world and to adorn women with a new elegance, modernity, and refinement.