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Ton Joli


Three flowers form a delicate bouquet on this new ring. The creation has a fine volume, the ring is warm and opulent but it retains lightness and elegance through the finesse of its design. The bouquet is placed on the finger, a true gem in and of itself. Thus, a hand may be adorned with a precious composition reminiscent of a painting, by a renowned painter in an Italian garden.

CHF 3,470.-

Three agates echo their response. Their different sizes are harmonious and perfectly balanced. A white agate flower blooms with a snowy glow, while the two green agates evoke the bright and limpid freshness of a renewing spring. The femininity of this piece is accentuated by the stones’ charm. Their light, which is both soft and deep, illuminates the skin and celebrates the beauty of Mediterranean gardens.

The large flowers are characterised by the softness of their touch, their generous volume that one ceaselessly caresses, and their irregular facets at the heart of the stigma. Set on rose gold, the very soft tones of which perfectly combine with the stones’ soft colours, the stones are adorned with a small leaf of white diamonds and champagne diamonds, a jeweller’s touch that is as precious as it is unique.