Masters at work
Les Ambassadeurs offers its customers something very special: the Espace Connaisseur is home to the world’s most exclusive watches. Mohamed Shaaban, Branch Manager in Zurich, presents five models.

Bahnhofstrasse” is the road in Zurich that stands for exclusive brands and an exceptional shopping experience. One place that is perfectly at home here is the Espace Connaisseur of the Les Ambassadeurs boutique – where you have the opportunity to experience fine watchmaking. A cosy lounge invites you to linger and is just the right place to marvel at haute horlogerie masterpieces. Mohamed Shaaban, Branch manager at the Zurich boutique, celebrates his 20th anniversary at Les Ambassadeurs next year – 20 years in which he has acquired a great deal of knowledge. Today, he presents five exceptional watches that impress with their highly complex technical sophistication.


Monsieur Bovet
Ref. AI43031

CHF 57,100.-

Artful versatility

“There are three variants of the Monsieur Bovet. The Amadeo® convertible case allows you to easily and quickly perform its bespoke transformation.” This allows you to use the timepiece as both a wristwatch and a pocket watch. “Many people wear their watch for others – they are looking to send out a message with it. But Bovet customers wear their watch for nobody but themselves, no matter what those around them may say.” The two dials with turquoise guilloché are visible on both sides.

Enhanced precision thanks to new technology

The Dual Time Resonance Sapphire by Armin Strom is a watch for the passionate collector. “A customer who buys the Armin Strom brand is somebody who really knows a lot about watches.” The ornate timepiece is equipped with two resonating oscillators. As with a tourbillon, the watch guarantees a very high level of accuracy. “It is an absolute novelty, a stand-alone development that is different from anything seen before.”

Armin Storm

Dual Time Resonance Sapphire
Ref. RGMT.11.AL.L.14.FC

CHF 280,000.-

Jacob & Co

Opera Godfather Minute Repeater
Ref. OP500.40.AA.AA.ABALA

CHF 581,580.-

Sonic creativity in a class of its own

The Jacob & Co. brand is considered a free spirit in haute horlogerie – for proof, you need only take a look at the Opera Collection that includes musical watches. The timepieces are the first of their kind to combine a high- quality triple-axis tourbillon movement with a Swiss music box with two combs and two cylinders. As the name suggests, The Opera Godfather Minute Repeater plays the theme tune to the film “The Godfather” and that of the opera “Scarface”. “This timepiece by Jacob & Co. is a true masterpiece. The brand does what it wants – and with great success.” And the target audience is also special: “Such a piece is certainly not just a watch. Rather, it is a painting, a work of art for somebody who already has everything.”

A sophisticated solution made to measure

“The master watchmakers at Breguet are the inventors of the tourbillon and they always manage to come up with a new and impressive achievement.” One such impressive work is the Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Squelette. “This particular piece is especially slim. The 7.7 mm-high platinum case conceals a self-winding movement with peripheral oscillating weight.” The Calibre 581SQ has an 80-hour power reserve and is clearly visible through the intricately crafted, skeletonised dial – a jewel among watches that is yet to find its equal.


Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Squelette
Ref. 395BR/1S/9WU

CHF 220,000.-

Greubel Forsey

Double Balancier 35°
Ref. 91009226

CHF 376,950.-

The height of watchmaking innovation

Greubel Forsey are masters of watchmaking innovation. The Double Balancier 35° is a first in the industry thanks to its features. “The brand has succeeded in creating a watch that fulfils the typical characteristics required of a tourbillon such as accuracy and the avoidance of attraction – without actually being one.” This is made possible by two oscillators inclined in different three dimensional planes, and escapements driven by a spherical differential. This passes on the average rating differences to the time display.