Moments You Don’t Forget
A twinkle in the eyes can make you dream or tempt you for adventure. Like these selected pieces of jewellery from Les Ambassadeurs. Refined companions for days you’ll never forget, they are there to add a spark to every joyous and festive occasion.

Ole Lynggaard

Pendant «Blooming»

Ref. A2836-403

A sensual excursion through the vineyards

When the warm rays of sunshine turn the vineyards into a lustrous green-yellow sea, lighting up the grapes, it’s the best time to dive into the world of wine. An experience engaging all your senses: smell, taste, feel, and let the colours work their way… What could be better suited for an excursion like this than a true homage to nature? The ‘Blooming’ pendant in shimmering tones inevitably charms all of its wearers: with 18 carat yellow gold and a delicate bud of green tourmaline, white pearl, rutilated quartz and 26 diamonds.

CHF 2,750.-


Armband «Umarme mich»

Ref. 304773-GG/WG

A heartfelt embrace

Even when you’re apart, your loved one deserves a special hug: ‘Embrace me’ is an extraordinary masterpiece of jewellery and a fantastic declaration of love! This golden bracelet without a lock is easy to wear, gently hugging your wrist and always returning to its original shape after taking it off. Wellendorff has indeed managed to create the impossible: springy gold. A unique creation for unforgettable moments. With every movement of your hand, the fine highlights of the cord and the diamonds of the bracelet release a display of sparkles. ‘Embrace me’ is a gift of joy, an intimate and precious companion for life.

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Collier «Chance Infinie»

Ref. 7B0226

Everlasting hours

Finding the right dress for your wedding might not be an easy task. But for your jewellery, there is no need to think twice when it comes to seizing life’s very best moments, as long as it’s feminine, chic and radiates a unique charm. Like the ‘Chance Infinie’ necklace, in white gold and set with 40 diamonds. A true talisman for the really important moments in your life. The design is inspired by the ‘lemniscate’, a figure-eight. Certainly, this infinity symbol is also a brilliant eye-catcher, and always there to remind you of that special day in your life.

CHF 5,400.-


Armband «Nudo»

Ref. PBC1006_O7WHR_DB0TL

Happy road trip

Hit the road and head towards the horizon: the wind in your hair, and the most beautiful melodies in your ears! An ‘à deux’ road trip, to quiet places or dramatic cliffs, admiring views as far as the eye can see: classic, bold, happy and full of surprises! Exactly like the open, rose gold bangle from the Nudo collection: true to the minimalist Nudo silhouette, this piece of jewellery boasts a sophisticated character. Two gold-set luminous gemstones in five colour variations, all further adorned with diamonds, that simply glow on your wrist and seem to float in the air: a powerful statement from Milano.

CHF 10,400.-

Pasquale Bruni

«Luce Ring»

Ref. 16190R

Luminous appearance

Nature constantly stuns us with the magic of light hitting our eyes. Just like the moonlight or the sunrays reflecting on the waves in the water, the Luce ring by Pasquale Bruni shines and catches the eye. This radiant piece of jewellery in rose gold with white diamonds is a celebration of light, perfect for a glowing appearance during a family celebration.

CHF 4,250.-