Woman in a suit wearing a Mikimoto pearl necklace

The magic of the sea

Every one of the pieces of the Mikimoto Collection is a work of art in itself that seems to have emerged from the secrets of the sea. Dive down with us and discover these exquisite wonders of nature.

“Akoya Pearls”

Ref. UD70107DW
CHF 3,450.–


Earrings and necklace
from CHF 7,950.–

“Akoya Pearls”

Opera necklace
Ref. U75132W
CHF 8,990.–


from CHF 9,350.–

The Japanese jeweller Mikimoto makes all pearl lovers’ hearts beat faster and demonstrates that pearls are a timeless classic. The “Opera” necklace flatters its wearer and creates an absolute fashion showstopper with its long strand of pearls. If you love pearls, pair this necklace with the wonderful pearl bracelet consisting of two strands. Both pieces display a small “M” in 18-carat white gold.

Mikimoto celebrates pearls with its “Plocamos” Collection. More precisely, South Sea pearls that grow in salt water and are renowned for their sheen. Here once again they are combined with modern white gold and subtly sparkling diamonds. 

Did you know that the founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, also known as the Pearl King, succeeded in creating the world’s first cultivated pearls in 1893, and with his own research team was involved in discovering the possibilities for preserving and improving the marine environment as early as 1905, as well as assessing the quality of cultivated pearls?