The Soul of Precious Stones
Diamonds, tourmaline, topaz and amethyst: they all guard a unique secret making every piece of jewellery one-of-a-kind.

Amethyst, at its purest

Charming violet: dark purple amethyst is a classic expression of this precious stone and highly regarded in jewellery. An extraordinary gemstone, amethyst is said to possess supernatural and purifying powers. According to Leonardo da Vinci, amethyst has the ability to both sharpen your mind and drive away bad thoughts.

Shining diamonds

The most precious stone in the world probably received its most famous tribute from Marilyn Monroe singing the words: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. A much sought-after companion indeed, with all the sparkle and blaze each one generates highlighting even the tiniest of movements. Diamond’s unrivalled hardness has earned it the moniker ‘the invincible’. From the Middle Ages onwards, diamonds have been a symbol of endurance. They are also said to promote knowledge and drive away ghosts.

Topaz, personal fulfilment fit for a king

When admiring this gemstone that is able to change from brown to green, red, purple and blue, perspective is what matters. Some topaz gemstones are indeed pleochroic – meaning they appear to have a different colour depending on the angle. This chromatic playfulness is actually due to the differing oxidation levels of the iron and chromium deep inside. Perhaps no surprise then to find topaz adorning some of the most revered crowns, including the Portuguese, which boasts a particularly large 1.680-carat specimen. Topaz is regarded as the stone of personal fulfilment.

Tourmaline, protection against negative energies

How can tourmaline come in so many colours? Legend has it that when Tourmaline fell from heaven to earth, it passed through a rainbow – hence its many colour variations, each one embodying its own specific virtue. The name tourmaline says it all: it comes from the Sinhalese ‘tura mali’, which stands for ‘stone in mixed colours’. It is also regarded as a protector from negative energy.

Dame mit Ole Lynggaard Ringe

Quartz, the versatile stone

Among quartz gemstones you can find citrine, prasiolite, smoky quartz and onyx. Indeed, quartz has the special quality of featuring almost every colour in the palette. Among the most popular is bright rose quartz, bestowing every piece of jewellery made from it with an unmistakable touch of summer. Within stone healing, rose quartz plays a central role, as it’s believed to enhance sensitivity, love and joie de vivre.